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My crazy Stay-at-Home-Mom schedule

3 Kids!

All Boys!

A baby, a toddler and a preteen!

My life never gets boring…

but I always feel like I am at least a step behind everything I am planning on doing!


How do I get to be a step ahead of all the things I want to get done?

The List

I have always been a fan of making lists… I admit it! It makes me feel like I have an overview… like I know what needs to be done and the things I want to do. I can make a list for everything and anything… recipes I want to try, activities I want to do with my kids, crafts I want to try, home improvement tasks that I once saw and thought to myself «I will so do this for our home».

And then reality sets in and as much as I try,
there are still only 24 hours in the day…

19 hrs

I still need to sleep at least 5 of those 24 hours, which leaves 19 hours…

…I still have 3 boys that need my attention throughout the day from the morning when they get up to the evening when they go to bed…

Meals, Bottles & Cleanup
14.5 hrs

…There’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, which takes about 3 hours to make and then enjoy including the baby who has various meals throughout the day and needs to be fed before the rest so maybe I can get a couple of bites to eat as well once meal time arrives… and then cleaning it up afterwards, making sure the kids are cleaned and have their teeth brushed and sticky hands cleaned, adding another 1.5 hours a day. So we’re down to 14.5 hours…

Snacks & Chatting
13.5 hrs

…Then there’s snack times morning and afternoons, adding another hour a day, since I actually want to sit down with the kids and use this time to talk with them about the day… down to 13.5 hours…

Diaper Changes, Showers & all the Rituals
9.5 hrs

…All the times of getting the kids ready in the morning, diaper changes, getting them dressed, helping to style their hair, finding the things they have lost but need to take with them, getting them ready for bed in the evening, with a bath and the whole goodnight ritual… it all takes time, lets add another 4 hours a day for that: 1 hour in the morning, 30 minutes before afternoon quiet play or nap time and another 30 minutes afterwards, 30 minutes a day of dressing and changing diapers throughout the day and 1.5 hours from the moment I start getting the first one ready for bed to the moment the last one is actually happily drifting off to dreamland. So now we’re down to 9.5 hours…

Mommy Shower Time
8.5 hrs

…I don’t know about other mom’s out there, but I don’t particularily enjoy the days where I am still in my pj’s by the time noon hits, so I like to shower and get dressed at some point in the morning. Adding together the time it takes me to find something to wear, set up the baby in the bathroom, keep my toddler busy during my shower time, and actually showering and getting myself presentable to the outside world, I can easily add another hour… so, we’re down to 8.5 hours…

… by this time I have only done the most basic things that we need to stay alive and healthy, but haven’t actually spent any time with things that make us happy and fullfilled and maybe even something to stimulate our minds… also, other than the necessary kitchen clean up, nothing in my house has been cleaned yet…

Crafts & Play Time
5.5 hrs

…I like a clean house, but my priority always lies at offering the kids a cool activity they can do and explore! So, add another 3 hours a day of lead activities with the kids, including preparing it, gathering the materials, finding new ideas that don’t require some exotic ingredients that noone in a normal household would possibly ever have at home… and then of course cleaning up everything again… leaving 5.5 hours in the day…

Kids' Emergencies
4.5 hrs

…speaking of cleaning up or basically doing ANY of these activities, I will at this point add another hour to the list, because with any of the above activities I will have to put them down several times, tend to a frantic need and world ending problem that one of my kids needs solved… Once the eraser has been found, the toy batteries changed, or the fight refereed, I can then go back to whatever task I was trying to get done for a couple of minutes until the next crisis hits! So now we’re down to 4.5 hours left in a day…

Basic Chores
3.5 hrs

…There are some basic household things that need to be done every day, like cleaning up the toys off of the livingroom floor, putting away clean clothes, or other small tasks that can be done in between other tasks… add another hour of that and we’re down to 3.5 hours…

Managerial & Secretarial Duties
3 hrs

…Any parent knows that with the job of a parent, you are also a manager and secretary for your kids… the older they get, the more things need to be managed. School events, school meetings, homework, studying for tests, hobbies, practice of sports or instrument and so on. Forms need to be filled out and handed in at the right time, bills need to be paid and «voluntary» school events need to be baked or organized for… An average of about half an hour a day for these things seems about right… so we’re down to 3 hours left in the day…

There Are
Hours left in a day

…3 hours in the day, left to spend time with my husband (something I actually would like to do once in a while without one of the kids hanging off of one of us or distincly listening in on our conversation… 3 hours to have some «me time», believe it or not, even I have hobbies and things I would like to do at some point… 3 hours to do an activity that I was not able to do with the kids around, like maybe organize a cupboard that’s been bugging me forever, work on my online business where I make personalised gifts, write a blog entry … 3 hours, if i’m lucky and none of the kids is having trouble falling asleep or scared of the monsters hiding under their beds…

The Realization…

So now that I have a nice list of all the things that have to be done during a normal day, I have come to a realization….ready for it? Here it comes… THIS IS ABSOLUTE MADNESS! No wonder I often feel like there are not enough hours in a day, no wonder it seems like I can’t give each of my kids the one on one time I think they deserve! No wonder I am tired most of the time and coffee as well as energy drinks have become a very good friend of mine!

It’s not a contest…

I have done the whole thing, I have been a working mom (which is exhausting), I have been the mom that works nights so I can be home with my kids during the day (which is exhausting) and now I am a stay at home mom… and guess what, that’s exhausting too!!! So let’s just say, all of the above scenarios are very exhausting in very different ways…

The magic bag…

…Since I am not prepared to just settle for feeling like I am a step behind at all times, I am going to figure out a way to get more organisation into this household so that, like those perfect pinterest moms, I too can master this job like Mary Poppins and look stunning while doing it! Ok, maybe not quite like Mary Poppins (she cheated with magic and all that) but an organisation makeover is due…

The Time Management Makeover…

…There are many things out there that I can implement to make my life a little bit easier, I just have to find the right life hacks and activities that are doable for a normal human being… Join me on this adventure as I try and test different tips, tricks and activities out there to make our life easier and simpler….

I’m going to tell you the truth on how well it worked out and whether or not I recommend someone else try it.

I am always greatful for your ideas on:

  • Crafts

    for babies, toddlers and preteens

  • Organisation Tips

    to stay on top of family life

  • Recipes

    that a normal mom can do with basic household ingredients

  • Must-Buys

    that you just can’t live without

  • Life Hacks

    Life saving tips and hacks

So please share your tips 🙂

I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest and it is another best friend of mine… in the 3 hours that I have left at the end of the day, my best friends coffee and pinterest and I often get together and discuss all the things we would like to do someday.

So with that I am off to challenging myself and going on this vast adventure of making my life easier and getting more quality and less stress out of the 24 hours I have…

One idea at a time!The "blog it like it is" Sisters

Stay tuned for updates on how that’s going and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog if you’ve liked our posts so far!

xoxo, Ella

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