Water Balloon Fun

Water Balloon Summer Games

Water Balloon Fun

Let’s face it, water balloons are fun no matter what age you are! So why not make a fun afternoon of playing with water balloons and trying out different simple games?

Got Water Balloons?

Get out all the water balloons you have lying around. If you don’t have any around the house then this is where the fun begins by taking a trip to the store with the kids in tow and going on a water-balloon-buying-mission!

Our Mission? Fill them all!

Once you have them all ready and the kids are dressed in their bathing suits and have sun lotion applied, the filling begins. If you have a little pool, blow it up and fill some water in it. This way you can put all the ready filled balloons in there. The smaller kids can help transport the filled balloons from the water hose to the pool, the older kids can help make water balloons themselves. Once you have a great amount of balloons the pool will look very cool when it is loaded with colorful water bombs! The filling part is already a great activity and can be fun as you take short water balloon fight breaks and just generally have fun and let yourself be spontaneous about this task. Sometimes the kids might be so occupied with completing the mission of filling as many balloons as possible that they don’t want to take any game-breaks and other times the kids get so excited that they start their own game of spontaneous water balloon fun.

Let them experiment and be creative…

Once all the balloons are filled, let the kids try out activities by themselves and just have fun with it. Let them run through the tub of water balloons, try kicking them like soccer balls or just explore what happens when you try to throw them in the air and catch them again. As long as the kids stay interested in the activity, don’t guide them too much, exploring is the best part.

Need some Ideas?

When the inevitable point comes where the kids get bored of the activity or start arguing about the water balloons, step in with an activity they can do with the balloons. Here are some ideas where you can choose to join in or just watch from the sidelines and laugh with them or play referee when needed:

1) Basket Toss

Get a laundry basket and let the kids toss water balloons in it. One kid holds the basket and tries to catch the balloon, while the other kids try tossing the balloons into the basket. Sometimes the balloon with pop and sometimes it won’t, it’s all part of the excitement. Also, as an added bonus, your kids will have to work together to achieve the common goal of getting the balloon into the basket. Let the kids take turns of catching and throwing after a certain amount of water balloons thrown.

2) Trampoline madness

If you are fortunate enough to have a trampoline in your garden, use it! Put a bunch of water balloons on the trampoline and let the madness begin! It is so much fun jumping on a water balloon filled trampoline, trust me ?

3) Water balloon towel toss

If you have 4 or more kids (and adults) over you can use two towels and form teams of 2. Any size towel will work and experimenting with varied sizes is fun too. Each person holds 2 corners of the towel and in teams of 2 people you toss the balloon to each other. The balloon is only allowed to be tossed using the towel and must also be caught using the towel. This requires some practice and team work.

4) Water balloon batting

This game is as simple as it sounds. One kid tosses the water balloon at the batter and that kid tries to hit the water balloon with his bat of choice. You can set up several different bats for the kids to try when it’s their turn. Ideas to try are a baseball bat, a pool noodle, a badminton racket, a tennis racket, a stick, a kitchen spatula a hockey stick and the list goes on. My husband actually used a laundry basket as a bat and they had a blast since the water balloon exploded all over the place when hitting the little holes in the basket. Older kids might have creative ideas too that they want to try as a batting device. Be creative and have fun with it. Try throwing from various distances. You could even add the following rule to the game: Mark 3 to 5 distances to the batter by placing something on the floor to mark the spot. The water balloon thrower must start at the line closest to the batter, when the batter hits the water balloon he goes back a line and so on. See how far away they can get before the batter can’t hit the target anymore. A lot of times kids will have great ideas how to alter a game as well and add fun rules, try them out, even if you know they might not work so well, kids need to be allowed to try out things and find out for themselves. Teach them to be bold and voice their ideas, even if they might sometimes not work out. As the adult, you can judge whether an activity is safe or not, so all is good.

5) Water balloon slip and slide

If you have a slip and slide then just add water balloons all over the mat before sliding across it. If you don’t have a slip and slide you can use a big sheet of plastic and use a water hose to wet it as an alternative. Or maybe even build your own slip and slide with your older kids as a future project. There are many different guides on Pinterest on how to build your own from scratch.

6) Water balloon target practice

With chalk, draw a target on the floor and toss water balloons for points. As a grass alternative, you can also label various laundry baskets with different points (25, 50, 75 and 100) and place them at various distances away. The kids need to try to hit the targets or get the balloons in the basket to receive the points. If you want you can even have a score board to keep track of the points or just play for fun ?

There are so many more fun activities you can come up with to do with water balloons where both the kids and the adults have fun. It is a great bonding time game that lets you be a kid for an afternoon and lets the kids see how playful and relaxed you can really be. That’s what I call a successful family afternoon full of quality time! Let us know what other water balloon games you have come up with in the comments below!

xoxo, Ella

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  1. we had a lot of fun here yesterday with water pistols and the kids. Couldn’t believe how fast the afternoon went! Water play is the best

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