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Hopscotch – Rules & Variations


We have all probably played Hopscotch in our childhood days. I almost forgot about this simple but fun game but when my kids took out their street crayons it jumped back into my mind. There was no way my kids would grow up without ever playing this game at least once and getting some physical activity in while having fun. The fun part with this is that it begins before you actually play the game.

Get the kids involved in drawing the hopscotch field and you can be creative once they get the main idea. It does not always need to be the traditional shape, it can be a circle, the squares can vary in size and shape, you can build in an obstacle that they need to hop over and variation you can think of.

Basically, the sky is the limit!

Next go out and find some great stones together that work for this game. Let the kids explore which stone shape might work best for them. Let them experiment with the rounded or more cornered shapes, big or smaller stones. They don’t even have to be stones. It could be something else you find outside.

How the Game Works

  • Throw the Stone

    The 1st player throws the stone to the first square. It needs to come to a stop in this square.

  • Hop

    The player hops through all the squares, following the numbers and LEAVING OUT THE SQUARE WITH THE STONE ON IT. If 2 squares are side by side the player can hop into those squares with one foot in each square (it allows for a little break from hopping on one foot).

  • Return to the Start

    Once the player has reached the last square, they turn around and return the same way, STOPPING before the square with the stone. The player then picks up the stone (usually while still on one foot) and then hops over that square until they reach the start.

  • If the player succeeds

    If the player has succeeded without losing their balance, forgetting to pick up the stone or missing a square, they may continue to throw the stone onto the next number and repeating steps 1 through 3.

  • Next Player's turn

    It is the next player’s turn if the last player loses their balance, forgets to pick up the stone on the way back or misses a square while hopping. A player can only continue to the next number once they have successfully completed the last one.

  • the Winner

    The winner of the game is the first player that reaches the last square and completes the task.

Now go out and get fit while enjoying some quality time with your kids 🙂

Peace, Malia

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  1. LOVE this. I never played hopscotch like that! We just hopped on all the squares, there were no rocks involved. For obstacles, sometimes we’d do “rivers” you had to hop over. But I’m definitely going to try this with the rocks when my little guy gets older!! Thanks for posting.

    1. Thank you for your comment Brooks and giving this version a try. This is how we always played it but I know there are many other versions out there. A great way to spend some active time outside with the kids.
      Peace, Malia

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