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Potluck Family Challenge

Potluck Family Challenge

The idea

Challenge your family to cook or bake something together you really want to eat but have never made yourself before. The idea of a Potluck Family Challenge is that it is new for everyone and the reward of enjoying the food afterwards. My older daughter even wants to do these challenges by herself these days which is also a nice change. Just make sure they understand the basic safety rules for the kitchen.

Why is it called Potluck?

The reason it is called Poutluck is allegedly because it is “the luck of the pot”. The original idea of the Potluck is that at a lunch or dinner party everyone brings a dish. All the food is then set out on a buffet like table and everyone can take from whatever dish they feel like having. Depending on which pot you choose to take from, you might get lucky and get a really tasty dish… or not so much 😉

Potluck as a family activity

Creating a potluck dinner together as a family can also be fun. Each family member is in charge of one dish or drink depending on age and ability. Even young kids can arrange some carrot sticks and cucumbers on a plate. Eating a meal together created by everyone is much fun with the great reward of eating together afterwards.

So grab your loved ones and start planning what’s for dinner! Enjoy some good food and lots of laughs! Let me know in the comments below what foods you like to cook with your family.

Peace, Malia

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Malia decided to combine her love for music, good food and warm weather and made Thailand her home. There, she tries her best to balance family life and her full time job as an elementary music educator. She is married to a very talented musician and together they have two amazing girls. No matter how busy life gets, Malia always makes time for yoga and refreshing chats with her sister on the other side of the globe to keep things grounded - or lifted, depending on what is needed at that moment.

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