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Since my daily schedule does not have extra time to join a gym or club, I have found a few yoga channels over the years that I just absolutely love! The three that I am listing here are all very unique in their own way and for me is a nice variety. So depending on the day and how I feel at that time, I select the personality or yoga style that feels the best to me at that moment.

After practicing with these fabulous women on these channels, I have also learned to be my own guide. There are times when I already know what moves would be best for me without a utube guide. In those cases, I either use complete silence or turn on some nice music, step on my mat and begin to do my own personal yoga session just the way it feels right.

This is the utube channel I turn to the most. There are so many things I love about Adriene. What I connect the most with is how she focuses on tuning in with ourselves and making it about “what feels good” and not just hitting a few good looking poses. So this is perfect for anyone, any level and body type. It all starts from within. A great way for me to start my day and trying to keeping this momentum going throughout the rest of the day off the mat.

There are so many varieties on this channel. Esther Ekhart also has a fantastic website where you can find lots of yoga sessions for whatever you need it for. If you have limited time, you can find short sessions, if there is something you need support with there are great yoga videos to find some mental and physical healing. There are also other teachers there so you can find the personality or teaching style that fits you best.

Like the other teachers I have talked about here, Sara Beth also has her own blog. Besides yoga you can also find a variety of videos and blogs about staying healthy and keeping up with life. She is a mother and therefore understands what it takes to find time for yourself but also how important it is to commit to that time.

Feel free to check out these sites. I am also interested to hear if you have any sites that you recommend.

Peace, Malia

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