Little Kids can be so boring…

Little kids can be so boring!

Has anyone ever realized that little kids are boring? Is this just something people don’t talk about because you’re not supposed to? I mean, my kids have their funny and cute moments where I genuinely laugh and am having fun, but there are also the other days. Take today for example… this morning I feel like my brain cells are packing their stuff and going «alright guys, looks like we are not needed here». I admit it might have something to do with the fact that I am quite tired because I haven’t slept in what feels like years.

just call me mommy…

Of course, I feel bad about having these thoughts, I am supposed to think my kids are amazing and interesting at all times, right? I am not supposed to be annoyed that all they do some days is repeat my name just for the sake of repeating it. And by “my name” I mean “Mommy”. The fact that I am at the point where I think my name is actually “Mommy” already speaks for itself. It’s amazing that when I introduce myself to other grownups I don’t by mistake say, “Hi, I’m Mommy. How do you do?”. Some days I feel like that, like I am just “Mommy”. But straying from the topic here…

again… again…

Little kids can be so boring. Let’s see what they enjoy: they love repetition, they love simple things that are usually obvious to us grownups (a song about brushing your teeth, a story about the adventures of how a secret agent bear helps a little girl figure out how to set a table, etc.). You get where I am going with this, it’s just not very stimulating for the brain after a while, especially if you never get a break from it.

they have a good reason though…

Have I mentioned the random crying and tantrums? Sometimes it feels like “the boy who cried wolf”… seriously though, is it really a reason to cry because “my brother doesn’t let me pour a bucket of water over his head (in winter)” or “I am bored”, right after they finished playing with the last activity you spent half an hour setting up for them? Apparently, it is a reason. And before anyone tries to justify this behavior with the fact that they have to learn and that they are growing into their own personalities, let me stop you there, I am very aware of this and also understand the concept. Does it make it any less boring and frustrating at time though?!

is it just me?!

Sometimes I watch these perfect mothers spending hours at the playground, pushing their kids on the swing and watching them go down the slide for the gazillionth time and I wonder, “what’s wrong with me? These mom’s look like they are having an awesome time! Am I the only one who feels like I am dying a little inside after days and weeks of this?”

sipping fancy cocktails on a beach somewhere…

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids to the moon and back and I love playing with them and trying new crafts or just cuddling… but sometimes they just make me feel like I am going insane from boredom because there are those days when I just want to get on a plane and fly to some far off place, experience new things, meet new people and just get my braincells to realize that there is a reason for them to unpack their bags and maybe stick around for just a little longer.

I can't wait for them to grow up a little bit so that I can have an actual conversation with them about things that I find interesting as well... and then there are days where I look at them and think "you are growing up so fast!!! Where has the time gone? Stop growing up so fast!"

The struggle is real, all you Moms out there! I guess we all have to go through it 😉

xoxo, Ella
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