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Finding Time for Yourself

“Keep left, keep left”…

…is what I silently chant in my head over and over like a mantra as I move downstairs in a ninja style manner.  The mission is the same every morning: wake up early so that I can begin my day with a quick yoga session just by myself. I am not talking about an hour long session here. Just a few moments by myself will do to get my day started.

A few moments go a long way…

To get a few moments per day to oneself is something very precious I learned soon after my first daughter was born. I realized that alone time was not only good to have but necessary to be able to then really be there again for everyone else. Again, just a few minutes is enough. At the beginning when Fauna was a newborn, I depended on the help of my husband to give me a few minutes. He understands how a few moments to myself can go a long way and be a battery charger that can last a whole day. So in those early parenting days, I was able to hand her over to him, close the door in the bedroom and turn off my thinking head. I would use the time to do my yoga which is my way of returning to myself, my inner core. This is a place where I can let go of any concerns, worries, to-do-lists, and just rambling thoughts. Believe me, this is not an easy task for me to just let go. It takes practice to finally shut off the outside and turn to the inside and just be there. Just be. Listen. Feel. Connect.

Yoga is part of my life…

Those little moments of time I can sneak in my days helped me to get through everything that was asked of me. I knew that yoga time is not a luxury but part of my life. I was going to keep this going throughout my life. Yes, in the beginning it might have been only five minutes long. 10 minutes to myself was already considered a mini-vacation.

Now that both of my kids are older, it gets easier to find time to do this. It still takes time management and dedication but it can get done. I try to fit in some short yoga before everyone wakes up and a longer session after the kids are in bed again at night. The key word here is “try”. There are days when this does not happen but this is also part of the whole practice. Accept what can be done and accept when things go differently than planned.

So for me to start the day with a little bit of yoga became my way of taking care of myself so that I can be there for others. I have learned that over the years. I have also learned that the best way to do this is while everyone in the house still sleeps. Slowly, and as graceful as I can, I continue to creep downstairs.

“Keep left, keep left”. I know this staircase very well by now. Who needs light? I can slowly move downstairs in the dark and  I know exactly on which step the stair cracks loud enough to risk that someone might wake up. However, if I just stay on my left on that step, I can avoid that loud crack and make it safely downstairs. Another mission accomplished!

Peace, Malia

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Malia decided to combine her love for music, good food and warm weather and made Thailand her home. There, she tries her best to balance family life and her full time job as an elementary music educator. She is married to a very talented musician and together they have two amazing girls. No matter how busy life gets, Malia always makes time for yoga and refreshing chats with her sister on the other side of the globe to keep things grounded - or lifted, depending on what is needed at that moment.

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