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The Secret Field Trip

The Secret Fieldtrip

This is something that my husband and I like to do sometimes and gets the kids really excited. We plan some kind of small trip with the kids ahead of time but we do not tell them about it. We always pick a place that the kids have never been to yet or somewhere where we have not been to in a while and they enjoy. Living in Thailand, our highlights here are the botanic garden which has some really great things to see and activities to do while learning about nature, hot spring place where you can boil eggs and have a picnic, some amusement park, go to see a waterfall or cave, go to an interesting and interactive museum or other things that our kids enjoy at their age.

In the morning, we wake them up early just to make it a bit more exciting, we tell them to get dressed and get in the car. We are going on a field trip! Now if you have kids who are grumpy in the morning, you might need to wait until they wake up on their own. My kids get really excited when they  wake up to an adventure. When they ask where we will go, it will stay a secret.  As for breakfast, the most fun is when we eat on the road.

Even if the trip is not very far, just mixing it up and eating on the go makes it already special. Sometimes, I pack breakfast and we eat in the car. Whatever works for the family.  This can be a nice way to have some fun, keeping the kids engaged and happy. Just remember to make the trip to a place where they either have  never been to or have not been to for a while. Otherwise it might totally ruin the mood when they are all excited at first and you drive around the corner to your weekly park.

Peace, Malia

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  1. Okay, I adore this idea. How cute and special. I’m sure your girls will always cherish the memories of these fields trips. I’m going to have to stay brainstorming some ideas of places to go!

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