Tape Art Part 1

Tape Art (Easy Crafts for Kids)

I always find it difficult to come up with craft ideas, as presents for relatives and friends, that are decorative and easy enough for my toddler to make where he does most of the actual crafting himself. There are many ideas out there where there is so much parental assistance needed that it seems it is mainly made by the adults or that use so many materials that I have to plan a huge shopping trip first for some exotic crafting supplies before we get started (this can also get expensive very quickly). So let me share a craft I recently made with my almost 3-year-old toddler, where you use common household supplies, your toddler does all the important parts of it on his own and, best of all, it is actually very artsy and will look nice when hung up. I actually started this project a while ago and completed it over several weeks with Ian, it was easy to put away whenever he got bored and just as easy to take back out whenever he needed an activity and wanted to work on it. It is just as easily doable in one session though since there is no drying time that needs to be calculated in. So let’s get started with this Tape Art project.

  • 3 Materials you need...

    1) White Paper 2) Standard Painters Tape 3) Colored Pencils or Markers (I used Wax Crayons)

  • Time it Takes... 20 minutes

    Although this craft kept my toddler busy for much longer because he continued on it for several days whenever he wanted to do something artsy and it took no time to setup at all after step 1! Yay for me!!!

  • Difficulty Level... Light supervision

    Ian worked on this at the kitchen table while I was cooking and cleaning. After step 1 (which takes about 5 minutes) my toddler was able to work on this independantly until the very last step (which takes about another 5 minutes).

  • Minimum Age Requirement... 2 years old

    As soon as your kid stops trying to eat the paper and the colored pencils you are good to go on this craft 😉

Step 1:

Take a piece of paper (I used an A3 size, but any size works) and use the standard painters tape to make any shape you want displayed on the art work at the end.

I wrote “Gotti” which is the Swiss-German word for “Godmother”… as you may have guessed, this was Ian’s birthday present to his godmother.

  • I used standard painters tape because it comes off the paper again without tearing it or leaving any traces. This is important to remember! If you are unsure, test it out first to avoid your toddler having a meltdown because you destroyed his beautiful artwork…

Step 2:

Let you toddler color in as much of the paper as he wants to. They can draw right over the tape, so let them get totally creative with this step.

  • We used wax-based colored markers for this one. They spread easily and usually look nice even when many colors are mixed together (instead of becoming a brown goop).
  • You could use any type of color you want here though. Beware when you use watercolors: first off, this could turn into a huge mess with spills and you running around frantically… but more importantly, the paper could get too wet and make it harder for the tape to be removed nicely without ripping the artwork at the end.

The only part where I guided him during this process was to tell him every now and then to draw right over the tape a lot as well. This is important because that border where the tape meets the paper needs to be colored all around. Once the tape gets removed later the shape or word will only be readable if this was done all around.

Tipp: Don’t fret too much about color combinations or the use of certain colors, it will look great at the end and most importantly, the gift receiver will be able to tell that your toddler actually made this himself.

Step 3:

Once the masterpiece is finished, make sure that the edges where the paper and the tape meet are nicely covered with color. If this is not the case all around and your toddler absolutely does not want to do this themselves, you can always help out a bit.

Maybe make sure your toddler doesn’t see you doing this because they might get very upset with you 😉

This step is very important though because otherwise you will not get the cool effect of the shape standing out at the end!

Step 4:

Carefully pull away all the painters tape and watch as the masterpiece slowly appears… yay!!!

I always love this step!

Step 5:

Voila! You have your toddler’s finished artwork!

  • I recommend putting it in some sort of frame or laminating it… it gives it a whole different feel to it and is ready to be hung up right away.
  • We made a Macaroni Frame for this DIY toddler gift and Ian’s godmother was thrilled when she received it on her birthday.
  • Stay tuned… I will be posting a separat guide on how to make the DIY Macaroni frame that we used for this gift soon… (Sign up to our blog, at the bottom of this page, to be informed as soon as this guide is online)

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